And we got a majority government (finally)

Well as we hit to midnight EST, the Conservatives have been given a majority government. A bigger surprise is the massive gains of the New Democratic Party and the big loss of Liberals and the decimation of the Bloc Québecois.
As it stands both Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe have lost their seats. Ignatieff will probably be out of the leadership. Duceppe has already announced he is stepping down as leader.
The Bloc themselves will be left with maybe 3 seats after having almost 50 to start off with. They lost all of their seats in Montréal and most of the rest of Québec. Just as bad, the Liberals will be left with 5 or 6 seats in Québec, all on the west side of Montréal. NDP gained about 60 seats in Québec. The sole NDP candidate prior to the election day, Thomas Mulcair said that after election day he won’t be the only NDP candidate but I suspect he didn’t expect an extra (maybe) 60 seats.
The Conservatives got their majority (even with their loses in Québec) with huge gains in Ontario – taking a bigger chunk of the Toronto suburb (905 area code) region with the Liberals still holding onto a good chunk of Toronto.
Green Party leader Elizabeth May got a seat. First for the Green. She was already complaining that this was a “fake” majority since the Conservatives didn’t get the majority of the vote. Well, her suggestion is equal representation. Her suggestion would give her party about 12 seats (the Liberals would get 60, NDP at 90 and the Conservatives at 120 seats). With three (formerly 4) large parties, we’d never get a majority.


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