End of another election week

An interesting end to the second of last full week in the Canadian elections.
First, the New Democratic Party has all of a sudden picked up support in most regions in Canada, including in Québec where they could actually get more votes than the Bloc Québecois. In the last elections, the NDP had won one riding and the Bloc had around 50.
A strange pie chart from PostMedia newspapers shows that at the current polling numbers, the Conservatives could capture 201 ridings, both the NDP and Liberals could hit 50 ridings and the Bloc could drop to 4. Very unlikely (though I’m sure a few wish) that the Bloc drops 46 ridings. They are just too strong in many Québec ridings. Just as odd the Conservatives hitting that many ridings when they are having problems hitting 40% in the polls especially with the NDP coming on strong.
A bit of humour as well. A woman from the outskirts of Montréal had posed for free for stock video and images that may be used for publicity purposes. She signed a form allowing the pictures and video to be used anywhere (I’ll assume for legal purposes). She got a big surprised when both the Bloc and the Conservatives used her pictures in party advertisements. She doesn’t like either party.
Conservative leader Steven Harper continues to say that there will be a Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition and taxes will go up – without saying why taxes will go up. Well, with the way the current polls are going, you never know that a Liberal/NDP coalition (without the Bloc) could form. But they have all said – no coalition but they may work with each other if the issue is right.
We also got at least one riding in the Toronto area where car tires were slashed, cars were keyed, other car damage and Liberal election signs were stolen.
Finally, if I got it right, a person working for a Liberal candidate was caught with the signs of the Conservative rival in the riding. He’s been charged with theft. Hmmmm.


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