Miscellaneus ramblings – part 1

If you’ve been seeing the GoToMyPC commercials from Citrix recently (they’ve been on CNN for example) it shows a woman explaining all the benefits of accessing her work desktop computer from home.

But of course there are a few things that won’t allow this to happen.

First, you better have high speed Internet.

Second, the company policy may forbid you from accessing your work computer from home. This is a non-centralized managed product (for the retail version). So very little stops the user from putting in a blank (if possible) or simple password. I don’t think a high-tech company will allow this.

Third, network firewalls could also block access.

The commercial says nothing about these issues and try and finding the issues on their web site.

There is a corporate edition that could manage the application but this assumes that the company will buy the licenses and not (for example) is using different technologies for remote access.

In a different comment, on the 10th anniversary of Mac OS X, Apple CEO Steve Jobs commented:

Mac OS X is the most important software from Apple since the original Macintosh operating system in 1984 that revolutionized the entire industry. We can’t wait for Mac users around the globe to experience its stability, power and elegance.


Mac OS X is the most important for them? Over iOS? iOS is running on more gadgets than Mac OS X. When iOS has its 10th anniversary, he’ll say the same thing.

Revolutionized the industry? The original Macintosh OS? Not really. It was different though.

Stability? Oh that means previous Mac OS X versions were unstable then. I’d complain. 🙂

Power? Yes. Mac OS X 10.7.0 won’t run on anything less than a dual core Mac. That kills off a chunk of users.

Elegance? A woman in a ball dress is elegant. A car can be elegant. But an OS?


And remember, Mac OS X is actually a variation of Linux – just made pretty [and dumbed down].


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