Another election week

Well another week of Canadian elections is done.
When I am writing these blogs, you may notice that the biggest chunk of the blog seems to be aimed at the Conservatives. This is primarily because the other parties are aiming at him.
Anyway, on with the blog.
Let’s see. There was an English debate. NDP leader Jack Layton got in some one sentence zingers. As an example, he asked Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff why he missed almost 50 days in parliament in the past year.
Conservative leader Stephen Harper was congratulated for finally answering a question not from a reporter.
Anyone noticed how ugly the debate room was? Ugh!
And in typical Canadian politics, the French debate was moved up one day so that the Québecois could watch the Habs-Bruins first playoff games. Habs won – of course.
Anyone noticed that when Harper is visiting a location outside Québec that his background is bilingual but in Québec (or at least outside of Montréal), it is just in French? Hmmmm.
Jack Layton tried to get in a few extra Montréal votes buy eating at Montréal famed deli Schwartz’s. (I prefer Reuben’s actually).
In another Conservative controversy, a Conservative sent of Emails to Muslim leaders in his community and asking them to show up at a rally of his wearing “traditional” Muslim wardrobes. Let’s just say no one was pleased and the opposition leaders pounced on the issue.
In another issue, the Conservatives complained that a special election poll at the University of Guelph was illegal for a number of reasons. Election Canada, at this time, allowed the voting but stopped further voting.
The conservatives are still cranking out juicy presents for various communities and still say they will reduce taxes and still say the Liberals will increase taxes (now how do they know that?).


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