More on the federal elections

This week for the Canadian elections started out a bit slow.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper finally got the message about using the word coalition. I think most voters already figured out his nonsense.

But as the week progressed, two items came around to bite Harper in the butt. First, reporters noticed that he would take just 4 questions. That’s it. When asked, he answered the question by getting off the subject.

Then the story broke that a first-time voter, a Muslim woman, was escorted out of a Conservative rally. Her name tag was removed and she was forced out of the building. Why? Because (somehow) a Conservative party member noticed she had her picture taken with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and she posted it on Facebook.

Harper also claims he’ll have a balance budget by 2014. Meanwhile he’s willing to shell out billions on military jets and federal prisons and this after shelling out billions over budget while he was Prime Minister for the last five years. It still looks like he’s not willing to kill the cutting of corporate taxes claiming it will hurt the economy as companies will lay off people. Many of these companies have huge profits. CTV reports an increase in budget spending between 5% and 12% each year while Harper was in power.

The Conservatives thought she was a Liberal spy. Harper never directly apologized but one of his staff member did. She was invited to meet Harper personally the next time harper returns to the area. Of course pictures will be taken.

Meanwhile, Green party leader, Elizabeth May was complaining that the broadcast consortium for the debates aren’t including her this time. She says it’s undemocratic. Huh? The consortium doesn’t have to broadcast the debates. It is their time. Three of the networks are publically owned. SRC and CBC are government owned but act independently. They argued that her party has no seats. If they allow her in then the other 14 smaller parties left out will want to be in the debate. What they probably couldn’t say was that her French is sub-par.

Ignatieff had his own issues. First he had to dump a candidate in Québec because they found out the candidate is a member of a pro-white group and has made some racist comments in the past? Didn’t they bother checking his background?

Then there was another candidate in Alberta, a former judge, who has some incorrect leanings when it comes to sexual assaults and rapes. The NDP dug up more facts about the judge saying it wasn’t the first time his odd-leanings caused problems. I guess the Liberals didn’t check him out. I’m sure the liberals are now checking out all the new candidates.

The good thing is that Ignatieff is in favour of building a new Champlain Bridge in Montréal instead of the patchwork that the Conservatives are offering to extend the life of the bridge. It is the busiest bridge in Canada and had around 7,500 vehicles travel over it in the mid-60s when it opened and exceeds 150,000 vehicles daily now.


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