Trump shouldn’t be in there

Possible US presidential candidate Donald Trump was on CNN today. Like a lot of the other possible Republican candidates, none have officially entered the candidacy because as soon as they do, fellow Republicans as well as Democrats will be aiming at them.

But in the case of Trump, with the exception of his celebrity status, I don’t think he has a chance.

On CNN, he has sent investigators to Hawaii to again try and find proof that US President Barak Obama is not born in the US but in Kenya. According to reports, all that is available is a Certificate of Live Birth. According to him, that is not a birth certificate. He says that no one knows which hospital he was born in and why is there no birth certificate.

Meanwhile countless of investigations by various organizations and news outlets including CNN investigated previously and said he was born in the US. Of course, those that say he wasn’t tend to be anti-Obama. I guess he’s a conspiracy nut.

Regarding Libya, he complains why it took the Obama administration more than a couple of weeks to intervene in the current Libya conflict for humanitarian purposes. I guess he never heard of something called the United Nations. It isn’t up to the US to intervene. The US also doesn’t want to get into any anti-US backlashing again.

He then says he doesn’t know why the US is even involved in the conflict when the US gets no oil from Libya (according to him) but since China buys their oil from Libya and he believes Iraq and Al-Qaida are behind the rebels that maybe the US should grab the oil. I guess there goes the humanitarian purposes. Oil first, humanity second.

Likewise, he believes as soon as the US leaves Iraq, Iran will jump in and grab the oil. So the US should stay in Iraq and keep all the oil.

One should wonder if he is even the right candidate to run as he can’t even handle his own finances. His casino businesses have twice gone into bankruptcy and he almost personally went bankrupt. In the past few years, he tried to get out of a loan by saying the financial problem was an “act of god” – the act was the recession – and he doesn’t have to pay the loan.

This could all be nothing but some publicity stunt.


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