Good old Canadian elections

So one week into the Canadian federal elections. Luckily it doesn’t last as long as the US elections. Downside is that while the US goes to the polls every 4 years like clockwork, Canadians have gone to the polls something like 4 times in the last 7 years – costing Canadians $300 million a year.

So you got Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff who has a personality not much better than a rock. The Conservatives keep on mentioning that Ignatieff was out of the country for a number of years which doesn’t help him.

You then have Jack Layton, leader of the NDP, who is probably the best leader of the bunch [which doesn’t say much]. He leads a party that has no chance of [ever] getting a majority but still thinks he cans.

Then you have Conservative leader Steven Harper who thinks he’ll have an easy majority – the current polls say no. He keeps on saying that if he doesn’t get a majority, the Liberals will re-create their “coalition” with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois – even though Ignatieff has said publically there will never be a coalition.

Meanwhile Harper used the word coalition 21 times in a single speech. He then said that his proposed “coalition” with the NDP and BQ was never a coalition and was different than the Liberal one three years ago. How was it different?

Recently, the Liberals said that they would grant money to students to help them through high education at a cost of something like $1 billion. Harper responded that the Liberals will raise taxes to pay for it [Harper says that for any Liberal promise that costs money]. Meanwhile, days later, Harper said a Conservative government will help pay for a new $6 billion hydroelectric project in Newfoundland and Labrador and promised to do the same for all the provinces. How will that be paid? Out of his pockets?

Also surprised about how Harper can lead in the pools after all the small and large scandals: contempt of parliament, the Beva Oda mess, Rhona Ambrose a few years back, Maxime Bernier a few years back, the G20 mess, ….

Harper is taking credit for Canada having an easy time through the last recession when the primary factor was that we had legislation [before he was elected] that regulated the banks [unlike the US].

Harper may not get a majority but I suspect that if Ignatieff doesn’t improve the number of Liberal seats, he’ll be out. Bob Ray [not originally a Liberal] is rubbing his hands as a leading candidate as leader.


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