Trying to avoid the software add-on crap

The computer software business is quite odd. You have very large companies like Adobe and Oracle including third party software as part of their downloads.

For example, if you want to download the Adobe Reader or Flash Player, they give you the option to install the Google toolbar. But lesser popular free downloads such as AIR and Shockwave Player don’t include them. [Of course, depending on where you download the program, you can refuse the extra before downloading.]

Then you have Oracle who [for whatever reason] chose to include McAfee’s Security Scan Plus with the latest Java runtime. They use to include a toolbar. First. All this program does is checks to see that some security features are current. Last I checked, Security Center included in windows does that. Second, I heard that it sucks up quite a bit of CPU time. Third, what’s the “Plus”?

Why do these companies need to add this crap? It’s not like they are in dire need of money. Small developers tend to add third-party programs as those third party companies will give them some money or other compensation. But these large companies?

Even worse, some only tell you after installed their software and by then, some may have made changes to your browser settings such as changing the default home page or search engine.

Of course you also have some companies who dump their own extras such as toolbars – but that’s a different story.

This is one reason why, if you ever install any software, choose a custom installation. Some may install this crap automatically if you choose the default installation.


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