Blame the manufacturer for slow computers

It’s interesting to note that of the people who complain to me that their computer runs slow is that I discover that they are running Windows Vista that lacks enough memory. From what I could tell, the biggest culprit has been Acer with some as well on Dell.

I think most people in the computer industry knew that when Vista came out, it will require that extra horsepower and memory. Forget about Pentium 4s or systems with 512 MB of memory. While Microsoft’s minimum requirements said the two could be fine, you can’t run anything with those specifications. You will be twiddling your thumb half the day.

Problem for the consumer is that most did not know the Microsoft minimum requirements weren’t good enough.

As for the manufacturers, what would they do with all those laptops and desktops with Windows XP and 1 GB of memory [and expandable to just 2 GB]? Oh just sell it to the consumer. They won’t care. They’ll blame it on Microsoft for having made such a slow operating system.

What is the ironic part of this is that most consumers wanted to stick with Windows XP [instead of using windows Vista with it’s “bad reputation”] but most companies stopped selling Windows XP [or did sell but only for certain systems]. If they kept the systems at Windows XP, the consumer wouldn’t of used a slow computer.

Of course the manufacturer wanted to sell the cheapest computer out there [Acer being a big culprit]. They could of added extra memory but didn’t. On top of that, they then dumped on the garbage on the systems that aren’t needed like trial and crippled versions of software.


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One Response to Blame the manufacturer for slow computers

  1. Sam Azer says:

    I was asked to help speed up an older notebook once. In the end I simply decided to turn everything off from Windows Search to the more basic display animations – everything. I also removed all the toolbars and free software to get rid of all the automatic update features. Nobody complained because it started to run fast after that.

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