The concussion problem in the NHL

I think anyone in the hockey world and a good chunk of the non-hockey world [OK, maybe not the Falkland Islands] heard and/or saw the hit taken by the Montreal Canadiens’ Max Pacioretty by Boston Bruin’s Zedno Chara on March 8th.

The NHL had ruled that the hit was not intentional. But I’m wondering how true that was. Things have been brewing in that game involving both teams.

Some suggest that the NHL should get tough on those who hit from behind and/or those who get hit and don’t even have the puck with them. I agree with both. I’m am not a scientist or a doctor but I can just see someone getting hit from behind. I suspect the head would move forward quite fast and then probably go back by the time the end of the hit happens [most likely when the player goes down on the ice].

I wouldn’t mind seeing that if any check causes an injury to another player that the player who did the checking should be matched the same number of games that the injured player misses. Example, if Pacioretty misses 20 games [and it’s all likely he’ll miss more] then Chara should miss the same amount. If a check ends a player’s career then some type of suspension is required. Something like a player was injured in a fight should not be applicable as both players knew what they were doing [unlike a check from behind].

One other thing that has to be addresses is the glass. Pacioretty went into the edge of the bench where glass begins and the bench ends. Something needs to be done to remove that edge. Maybe have the glass curve into the stands a bit.

Also could be interesting is when the two teams meet again. The Habs face the Bruins in Boston on March 24th to conclude the regular season games between them. If the season ended today, the Babs would be facing the Bruins in the first round of playoffs.

The next General Manager’s meeting, which will be held in Florida on March 14-16, will have the issue addressed again. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said at a U.S. congressional panel that most concussions and head injuries in the NHL are the result of players falling. But I wonder what kind of evidence he has of this. Meanwhile there is some talk that the Montreal police will investigate. Could be interesting if Chara is charged.


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