Microsoft wishes IE6 would die

“Friend’s don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6” is a new motto from Microsoft trying to get Windows XP users off Internet Explorer 6. They launched a new site at which shows a big map of the world and which countries are using IE6 the most and least.

Worldwide usage of IE6 was still at 12 per cent in February, lower than the previous year but still too high given the number of the security risks associated with using it and its outdatedness.

In the US, usage of IE6 is at 2.9 per cent. In Canada, it’s 3.3%. But IE6 accounts for more than a third of all users in China, a quarter of users in South Korea, and more than 10 per cent of users in such countries as Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and India. The stats published on the IE6 Countdown site come from usage tracker Net Applications.

Problem with some of those high rated companies is that they are using pirated copies of Windows XP. Even though Microsoft pulled the license authentication check, most fear that Microsoft will still track them. [Last I check, Microsoft doesn’t go after individuals – but the big pirates.]

Of course you have various companies who are stuck at IE6 because of management incompetence. Actually because they hard-coded to use IE6 with their applications. Can’t figure this out since prior to IE7, it was in beta for a couple of years. So it’s been at least 6 years since the beta of IE7 was released and IE6 support officially dies in 2014 when Windows XP support dies. What will they do then?

Meanwhile, Microsoft goofed by not releasing Internet Explorer 9 for Windows XP. Those who continue to use Windows XP [and I’m sure some will do so after Windows XP support dies – especially with pirated copies], will then switch over to another web browser as web sites will begin to not to support IE6. See the post

So IE’s overall dominance will probably slip world-wide below 50% [it has already in Europe].

Of course part of the reason for this campaign is also because IE9 is rumoured to be out around the 16th of March. But they aren’t really connected since Windows XP users can’t use IE9.


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