More on the possible Quebec City arena

Well, now Quebecor head honcho (i.e. CEO) Pierre Karl Péladeau has said that the company would chip in up to $200 million for the new rink, you would think the NHL would change their stance slightly and say that Quebec City has a better chance. Nope.

Part of the problem is that a current owners who is having financial problems could theoretically threaten the local city and say that they want a new arena, reduced taxes, steaks for lunch, or whatever – and if the city doesn’t conceded they’ll move to Quebec City [of course the other NHL owners have to agree but that’s a different story].

So NHL commissioner Gary Bettman [who I still say that he isn’t much better than Baseball’s “commissioner” Bud Selig] has still stated that even if Quebec City builds the arena, there is no increased chances of landing a team. Right now the league probably won’t even think of expansion as it would weaken the talent quality [which isn’t that great as it is] and screw up the scheduling and standings.

Quebec City can still hope that maybe they can land the Olympics but even that is just for a couple of weeks plus preparations. It’s not a permanent thing.

As for Quebecor, they would run the new arena and get the naming rights. The amount they give up depends on whether an NHL team comes back to Quebec City. With the private sector joining, Quebec City’s stake is reduced.

Meanwhile the federal government has state that they will not spend any taxpayer’s money on an arena [but they did spend money for the 2010 Olympics]. They will help pay for some of the infrastructure [sewers, electricity, pot holes, etc.] costs if the arena gets built. Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume is not a federalist. So I guess this will be good for him and the Bloc Québecois in the next federal election – which could be around the corner. They will have something else to add to their list of why federalism is failing [according to them].


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