Are wireless printers worth it?

Over the past few years, more and more wireless printers are available on the market. But are they worth it?

Remember that for all intents and purposes, a computer hooked up directly to a printer is still the fastest and most secure way to print.

Yes. It is nice to take your laptop anywhere around your place (or business) and print away, but a USB connection is still faster than a wireless connection and a network connection as well (plus you still have to walk over to get the printout!).

And what happens when you print a 200 page document and noticed that it was the wrong one? You have to leave your laptop wherever it may be, run around (probably on more than one floor) to cancel the job because it’s already gone through your OS’s print queue.

Then there is the security. While your laptop (or even your desktop) has a firewall, what does your printer has? Do you know if it is strong enough?

Recently, HP has been advertising that you can print anywhere on the Internet to your (home) printer. Of course what they forgot to tell you is that you will have to open your router’s firewall for this to happen. Simple (enough) tests can probably determine whether or not the port to print is open. A nice backdoor. And of course how often will you print from Swaziland to your printer in Nashville? Is it worth the security risk.

PS – If you do use a wireless printer, ignore the manufacturer. Give it a static address or reserve the address in the router. You could have problems if the router is shut down for a period longer than the router’s address renewal time.


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2 Responses to Are wireless printers worth it?

  1. You can share a printer wirelessly using a wireless print server, Fi networks.

  2. ebraiter says:

    Or some routers has the option to connect a USB printer to it as if it is like a network printer. DLink DIR-655 is one of them.

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