Internet Explorer 9 by mid-March? Bad for Microsoft

According to some, Internet Explorer 9 will be released by Microsoft on March 14th. This will provide a nice boost for those who plan to deploy Windows 7 service pack 1 as they can deploy both at the same time.

Problem is, those who are still running Windows XP [roughly 41% of the OS market share] will be left out. Internet Explorer 9 will require Vista SP2 [or better], Server 2008 SP2 [or better], Windows 7 RTM [or better] and  Server 2008 R2 RTM [or better]. A bit surprising that Vista service pack 1 isn’t supported either [support for SP1 dies in July 2011].

Why is there no version for Windows XP? Well, Windows XP has been in extended support for the last year or so. As per Microsoft’s policies, they do not release any new versions of software for an OS that is on extended support. As example, Windows Live Essentials 2011 is not available for Windows XP. A bit surprising since Windows Security Essentials 2 is available for Windows XP and that was just released.

So Windows XP users are left out. What will they do when newer browser technology is out? Well, they will switch to another web browser. This will make those browser developers quite happy. They will have the ammunition to say that Internet Explorer is losing ground – or even Microsoft is losing it.

So in the end, Microsoft is damaging themselves.

Sure Microsoft will say that they can still use Internet Explorer 8 but they will say elsewhere that it is less secure than Internet Explorer 9 when trying to market it. They can’t have it both ways.

Note that Internet Explorer 6 [yeesh!], 7 and 8 will be continued to be supported until Windows XP support dies completely in April 2014.


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