Is a new arena in Quebec City reeally necessary?

Well, the Québec provincial government in conjunction with Québec City’s government have decided to shell up to $200 million to replace the aging Colisée Pepsi arena. Granted that the Colisée Pepsi is somewhere over 60 years old and probably getting hard to keep up to date, is it worth to spend this much money with the hope of landing another National Hockey League team?

The Québec Nordiques left the city for Colorado a couple of decades ago. Since then, it has been used for concerts, some exhibition hockey games, probably some junior hockey games and various other events.

A documentary on the band Rush revealed that the Colisée Pepsi is one of the worst places to stage a concert because it doesn’t have the modern concert conveniences that newer arenas have such as proper loading docks for the trucks to equipment to hang speakers from to other conveniences. In comparison, Centre Bell in Montréal is considered one of the best because it combines the best conveniences for concerts plus one of the best arenas for hockey.

Whether this is a ploy to improve Premier Jean Charest chances in Québec City (where they have problems getting seats) and Premier Charest’s popularity is probably near an all-time low, or maybe Québec is still try to land the winter Olympics, or maybe another reason.

I’m wondering how Québec City residents will feel when they don’t land a NHL team or the Olympics. Maybe in some ways they can ask Montréal residents. They have their own “white elephant” – the Olympic Stadium: a maximum of 4 football games a year, the odd international soccer game, the very odd concert and a few other events (but because of roof issues, nothing in the winter months). The Expos left over seven years ago and the Alouettes play those 4 games there while playing most of their home games at Molson Stadium.


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