Excessive speeding costs

In case you missed it, this valet guy was taking a car for a joy ride on the Ville Marie Expressway in Montreal? 240 km/h in a 70 km/h zone with 42 demerit points and just a $2600 fine. Why just? It is peanuts compared to other places. Some give fines partially according the drivers wealth. A guy in Switzerland got a fine for $290,000 13 months ago but wasn’t even going as fast as this guy.

In Quebec, if you accumulate 15 demerit points over a certain period; you lose your license to drive. You also have to retake the driver’s examinations again.

Let’s just say he probably lost his job. Forget about a recommendation and probably have an issue in getting employment insurance (since he was fired). He also lost his license for a while and will have to retake the driving tests.

Normally the vehicle would be impounded but I guess with these circumstances, the owner won’t have to lose his car.

The question is whether a fine such as $2600 is enough of a deterrence for these joy riders or should stiffer fines be imposed.  Although Ontario has changed their laws, this infraction (according to my estimates) would result in a fine of under $2100 plus 6 demerit points and a driver suspension of 30 days. Doesn’t sound like much.


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