Now you know why it is a beta

So I’m running VMware Workstation and have a trial version of Windows 7 that is about to expire soon. In December, I re-armed the trial for the last time. So I guess if I want to do some testing or poking around I’ll have to install Windows 7 again – which isn’t a hard thing.

But as the copy is about to expire early in February, I decided to install the beta for Internet Explorer 9. As you know, a beta is a “work in progress” but a “release candidate” means that aside from bugs and cleaning up the interface [i.e. license agreement, options, etc.], it is basically done.

So I downloaded the stub installer and ran it. No license agreement, options or anything. Right away it downloads what it needs and installs and a minute later, it wants a reboot. Interesting.

On the reboot I openned IE9. First thing I notice is that it’s fast [that’s always a good thing, right?] but I had the bare add-ons anyways. Second thing I noticed is that I don’t see the search bar. Interesting. In IE8, I had it set to Google. I open the tools and only Bing is listed – not Google. So I added it back. But I mentioned there was still no search bar and I can’t seem to find where to enable it. Not in the toolbars either. Third thing I noticed is that a few things have been moved around – mostly cosmetic. Even the “classic” menu [which I like to use] was missing [well hiding].

I guess they did some rewriting of the browser – hopefully for the better.

But now you know why it’s a beta. Parts still not usable.


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