Shipping and handling or just getting ripped off

Anybody every notice how much online places can rip people off when it comes to “shipping and handling” charges?

For the fun of it, I went to the Microsoft Certified professional online “store”. And for the fun of it, I added a polo shirt and a long sleeve shirt to the cart and went to the checkout. I took the cheapest shipping [they call it “UPS Canada Standard” but there are two more expensive options]. The two shirts came out to $33 which isn’t bad.

Then I looked at the shipping charges. $29. What!  [Note: The MCP Store is associated with Microsoft but Microsoft probably doesn’t run the place.]

They aren’t the only ones. Various bands have their own online stores. DEpending on how big they are, the bigger bands seem to charge more for shipping than the smaller ones. Buy two CD releases at Pearl Jam’s web site, pay $10 shipping to Canada. Buy two CD releases at the Dave Matthews Band web site and your shipping to Canada will be as much as the two CD releases. In comparison, you can buy 3 CD releases from CD Universe and pay under $7. Or buy a couple of CD releases at Dream Theater’s store and pay under $6. I can buy a couple CD releases at Marillion’s site from England and pay the equivalent of $6. Dave Matthews Band uses the website – common for big bands.

That’s not all. Ticketmaster [some nicknamed “Ticket Bastard”] charge [in Canada $7 or more for shipping and handling charges [in addition to any other service fees] if you want your ticket mailed by Canuckistan Post but will still charge at least $5 if you request an e-ticket. OK. I can understand maybe a processing fee for credit card charges, but $5? No human ever touched the purchase. It’s automated.

While sites such as Amazon, Best Buy and Staples have free shipping [over mostly small amounts] you wonder who’s making the money when one place can ship a couple of CD releases for $6 while others will charge triple the amount.


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