Jobs takes medical leave

In case you missed it, CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs has gone on medical leave again. He went on leave a few years back because of pancreatic cancer. There are no indicators on what is the issue this time. COO Tim Cook has taken control of day-to-day operations [like the last time] but Jobs still has the CEO title. Already Apple is squabbling with Central Laborers Pension Fund in Jacksonville, Ill regarding what would the succession planning  should be if  Jobs doesn’t return.

Aside from that, with Cook at the helm there shouldn’t be much of any major changes as Jobs will still be poking around and the second generation iPad will be out in a few months and I’m sure a fifth generation iPhone after that. As for the desktop and laptop lines, I don’t think he is worried about them [after all, Apple is concentrating on the smaller stuff where they probably have a higher markup and/or revenue]. OS X 10.7 is probably due sometime soon as well.

Interesting to note that on this day when the announcement was made, stock went up almost $3 during day time trading [still less than 1% as stock is hovering near $350 per share – knew I should have bought stock 10 years ago 🙂 ].


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