Poor Carrie Underwood

In case you missed it, there was a little blurb locally in Montreal and probably in a few other places where Carrie Underwood announced [and it wasn’t to a local newspaper or other media outlet but in that country capital of Minneapolis] that she won’t go back to Montreal because her car was broken into. Boo hoo. Cry baby.

So she had the dumb luck of having her car broken into. I wonder if she left the door unlocked, or maybe she left something [semi-]valuable in plain sight.

You know what? Who cares. Outside of this visit how often has she even performed in Montreal? True. Montreal ain’t a hotbed for country but most major artists do come here. Garth Brooks [when he was touring], the late Johnny Cash, of course Canadian Shania Twain, and as well there is Taylor Swift [she’s coming in July 2011, BTW].

Some even said her career has been manufactured. after all, she won in a popularity contest to kick-start her career. That is all American Idol is. A popularity contest. Look at the winners since its inception. How many recorded one or two albums and then haven’t been heard from since? It shows that while “followers” chose them, they had no appeal to everyone.

In the case of Underwood, throughout the contest when she had a choice to sing a country song or something mainstream, what did she choose? Now I haven’t watched more than an hour of that show in my lifetime. If she was smart she would have sung pop songs but if she was true to her “roots” it should have been country songs. The fact that most Americans prefer pop over country makes me believe she sang pop sings because if she sang country songs, she probably wouldn’t have won.


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