Apple’s Mac App Store Has Issues Already

Not surprised here. Within days of Apple’s new Mac app store going online, some have found ways to download apps for free while others have found ways to dump malware in the app store. It seems that Apple’s web developers fell asleep at the wheel with bad security and the lack of quality control.

On the plus side, when you download an app you can install it on as many Macs that you own. Some bloggers have said this will “kill” Microsoft’s licensing but why Microsoft?

First, the majority of apps sold on the app store are either free or cost little.

Second, Apple is still getting its 30% cut on all sales and keeps its 30% if there is a refund for any reason [which means in a refund the developer has to give back 70% it got plus pay Apple’s 30% out of their pocket. Sure it’s tiny for an app that may cost $5 but if you sold 2,000 of them it gets pricey.

What you won’t see is Adobe, Microsoft and other commercial developers in the store because of the one payment for multiple systems, the 30% “markup” and probably other reasons.

I can see Apple one day trying to force Mac users to be able to install any application but only from the app store.


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