Canada’s game or just cheap

In the letter to the editor in The Montreal Gazette, someone was whining that he couldn’t see “Canada’s game” because he has sattelite  TV but no cable TV. It seems his package doesn’t include TSN [who knows about whether the french sister sports station RDS is on his package as it wasn’t mentioned]. So basically whis person wants CBC or [most likely] CTV to cover the game because either:

a) his sattelite provider doesn’t carry TSN [unlikely], or

b) he was too cheap by not including TSN in his package.

There are plenty of other options available. Go to a bar [may cost a few bucks for a drink to appease the bar people] or to a friend’s place [maybe the writer has no friends?]. For those who prefer English but only get RDS, turn off the TV volume and listen on the radio [CJAD carries it].

This is almost like saying that a person can’t install Windows 7 because his system is too slow or lacks memory. So someone else should get him a free computer [or upgrades]. Ya. right.


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