Biased from that network

OK. I could be biased, but I wonder if CTV [a.k.a. the Central Toronto Vision] network is more biased.

The CTV network was hyping the 98th Grey Cup game for the week prior to the game [which was on November 28th].

After the favoured Montréal Alouettes won the game 21-18, you would have figured it would have received better coverage on the national news. Sure they mentioned the win at the beginning of the newscast but the story actually was mentioned in the last 10 minutes of the newscast.

This was the Canadian championships for football in Canada.

Since we know that the Toronto Argonauts never get into the grey Cup finale, we need something close enough to compare.

But no matter what, any Toronto teaming making it into the final [don’t make me laugh if you say the Maple Leafs!] will get more coverage than any team in Canada no matter if that team wins a championship or not.

Oh. To the 70% of those who responded on the TSN web site by say the Saskatchewan Roughriders would win – blah! To those who didn’t vote for Jamel Richardson as game MVP (by the fans) – blah! [Rider fans stuff the voting for one of their own.]


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