Some people don’t get it

I was browsing through a Microsoft support forum when I came across an issue that most computer techies have come across: when your hardware doesn’t get any support in a new operating system.

The guy in question says he has a HP 1000 laser printer [I’ll assume the model from this past decade and not from years and years ago]. He was complaining that there is no support for the printer for Windows 7 64-bit version [I’ll assume it is also true for 32-bit as well]. He boasts that he has 5 HP computers and because HP won’t support his HP 1000 he won’t buy another HP product ever again and urges other not to.

Boo hoo. First, I wonder how many will see his comments. Second, how many of those will care. Third, how many thinks the guy needs to grow up.

His printer is not a new printer or anything close to new. Something like at least 8 years old and even had Windows 2000 drivers. [He’s lucky it lasted that long. LexMark kills off support after the next OS version comes out.]

His [as he claims] 5 computers can’t be all new. Some must have been upgraded to Windows 7. If so, he should have been blaming himself. He should have checked the HP and Microsoft web site to see if there were any drivers available for Windows 7. In fact, not even Windows Vista had drivers [unless they are part of the OS] for that printer. THey can’t support their hardware products for 15 years or whatever. Few expect their hardware to last that long.,

He didn’t even bother trying the HP universal drivers. They at least give basic functionality.

Speaking of which, I have a HP CLJ1518NI. The printer came out before Windows 7 came out. But HP hasn’t supplied any drivers. Their suggestion is to use the HP universal drivers. But in this case the drivers are weak. You can’t choose between colour and monochrome printing [for example]. So I should be more upset at HP than that guy.

My solution? I used the Windows Vista drivers. Worked like a charm – and I don’t get all that garbage that HP adds to the installation such as supply ordering. Who needs that crap.


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