Hallelujah! The war is almost over!

Hallelujah. At this moment millions of Americans are casting their vote [or have] in “mid-term” elections in the US …. And Canadians [and probably most Americans] are rejoicing.

Why? No more attack ads.

Analysts believe this has been the messiest election of any time in voting history in the US. One candidate going after another. One pseudo party going after a candidate. Various interest groups also delving into this mess.

It’s already estimated that somewhere around $4 billion US has been spent on this mid-term elections and it is not even a full election. On top of that, the price tag probably doesn’t include state and local elections or any state polls [such as the pot proposition in California].

Certain heavy areas in the US were averaging 6,000 TV commercials in a week combined on all local channels. Ouch. If a commercial lasted a minute on the average, that’s 6,000 minutes or 100 hours per city per week. Ouch.

Now the Republicans are poised to retake the “house” but probably will be unlikely to take the Senate which helps the President a bit since the Senate can kill any legislation the house passes. But will be messy.

Somewhere around 18 months from now, you may see the Republicans complaining that the Democrats shot down all those nice bills that will help Americans and will say these failures are keeping the US economy down and the unemployment is growing. Of course what kind of bills were introduced.


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