Much Music

No not the Canadian “video” station ….. But that’s another story.

If you are a music fan, you know that at this time of the year, music labels are releasing “best of” compilations, box sets, “special editions” and other ways to promote an artist.

Unless you’ve been on Pluto for the last 10 years, as digital music increased [both legal and not so legal], the sales of physical media [mostly CDs] have dropped in price.

Some tried to jump start the business by trying SACDs, DVD Audio and DualDiscs. Seems these failed – although there are still some DVD audio releases.

So CDs are still the preferred medium and in order to entice people to buy them, they release box sets and so on. So they will have a few extra tracks or a DVD or whatever.

Even some of those end up being not worth it. Elton John and Leon Russell’s album Union has a regular edition available with 14 songs and a deluxe edition with 2 extra tracks and a DVD. Sounds nice – especially since Cameron Crowe worked on the “make of” video. Problem is that the DVD is a wopping 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Yes. You read right. Nothing else on the DVD.

A second case is the John Mellencamp box set On The Rural Route 7609. It is a 4CD book that was released in the summer. It contains about 5 dozen tracks that John Mellencamp picked. A few chestnuts plus one track that would eventually come out on the album No Better Than this. But if you know Mellencamp’s, his songs aren’t long. So those 4 CDs average in the 55-60 minute range each. Plenty of room to throw in a few extra tracks on each CD. The book is interesting [mentions each track] but not worth the extra cost.

On the other hand you have Phil Collins’ Going Back special edition which has 25 tracks on the CD. It also comes with a 90 minute documentary on the making of the album, 2 promo videos and 29 tracks [4 more than the CD] in DVD Audio plus each track is available in WAV and MP3 formats. The regular edition has 18 tracks. This is worth the extra few bucks.


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