Bell Canada’s Monkey Business

Strange ad from Bell. They placed a 2 page add in the Montreal Gazette on Saturday [September 4th]. One part is to show that they also offer a 30-day guarantee like Videotron has been advertizing on TV recently.

Then they start comparing upload speeds between their Fibe 25 and Videotron’s Ultra Speed Internet 50 saying their UPLOADing is 7 times faster than Videotron’s speed. Do people care about uploading that much as downloading? I guess you don’t unless you are either uploading pictures to online sites quite often or upload pirated software and movies. I surely don’t. Of I’d be surprised if anyone using Fibe 25 [unless they are at a switching station] can get 7 Mbps – although Bell does say “upload up to 7 Mbps”. Bell didn’t bother to mention that Videotron’s Ultra Speed 50 is 2 times faster than Fibe 25 for downloading – which is what most care about. But Bell is $15/month cheaper.

Then they say that Bell’s telephone service is more reliable than Videotron’s cable telephony service “during extended power outages at customer’s home”. Of course they gave no proof of this. I think the UPS included by Videotron has up to 8 hours of battery life. [And if you plug your own UPS into that of your own, you can add to it.] Oh and who’s power goes out for such a long time unless Hydro Quebec is dong major maintenance. Oh and since many people have wireless phones, those go dead if the power goes!

I have my VCR, DVD-R, clock and Illico box connected to a basic low end APC UPS and I can get 3 hours easily. [The reason why I have the first 3 attached is so I don’t have to change the damn clock if the power goes. Figured I might as well add the Illico box – a small model.]

We [since New Year’s Day] have a 3 cordless handset DECT 6.0. It requires all phones to have power [to recharge] but only one needs a telephone jack. All three use 2 standard AA batteries. So, if power went out for an extended time, I can replace the batteries. The “master” phone is also hooked up to a UPS. So that one will run even longer. The two others require the master to work.


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