Killing the Human Trafficking into Canada

I think something has to be done about people who try to come into Canada from the back door. While others apply the normal way, those who come in from these boats are having it “easy” – in terms of getting refugee status – not how they came.

Just like how law enforcement go after the drug dealers to hopefully curtail drug issues, the government should go after who brought them to Canada.

As soon as they reach Canadian territorial waters, they are in Canadian jurisdiction. The board should be ceased. Anyone – from the boat’s captain down to someone who is running the engines – should be taken to jail immediately and charged with one count of human trafficking for ever person on that board. They obviously knew what they were doing is illegal. They should also be charged with a hefty fine. Other charges related to how the people were treated should also be included (i.e. no doctor on board, lack of food, etc.).

The owner of the boat should also be charged for the trafficking plus a very hefty fine – in addition to pay to get their board released. If they don’t way to pay for the boat, it should be sold off [to Canadian operators] with money coming from the sale to help pay for any costs.

If, by some chance, a death occurred in Canadian territorial waters, they should also be charged with some type of homicide charge.

It’s hard for Canadian officials to figure out which of those on these boats are genuine and which have illegal pasts.

So by going after the boat operators and owners, this could reduce the number of these boats entering Canada.


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