Should Research in Motion Give Into Them?

In case you haven’t heard, there are three countries [in or around the Middle East] that want access to Blackberry comminucation from anyone inside their country – citizens and visitors.

RIM should not give into these countries. Look who they are: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India. Not one of them (I would say) has a good government reputation.

They claim they want to have the option to intercept communication coming from Blackberry users to cut down on terrorist activities and other possible illegal activities. You think they have the same legal procedures, such as in Canada or the US, where they need a warrant before they can eavesdrop on a conversation?

They are obviously going after Blackberry because it has the toughest security out there. If this happened in a western government, the people wouldn’t stand for it.

These governments expect RIM to provide them with an imaginary back door. Maybe they think RIM will move some servers over to their country. Then once there, they will force RIM to allow them access.

Why is it that no other countries have requested the same rights? [Although I won’t be surprised if some other governments with lousy reputations – Egypt, Venezuela, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan – want the same thing.]


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