Did Jobs defend the iPhone or just excuses?

OK, unless you were visiting another planet and you just came back, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a news conference on Friday (June 16th) defending his iPhone 4.

 Among other decisions, there would not be a recall but Apple will offer a free case or bumper [sort of a plastic cover that wraps around the side of the iPhone] as a way to correct the reception problem with the antenna. In addition, he reminded customers that there is still a 30 day money back option and there is already a software update to the iOS [that’s the name of the iPhone operating system] to correct a problem with the bar for the reception.

 Jobs also through some statistics [how accurate or current they are] that less than 1% of all calls have reception issues, still few returns, etc. Jobs also said the antenna issue was blown out of proportion.

 But then he went on to try and defend the iPhone by saying Apple’s competitors Research in Motion [RIM] and Nokia of having the same issues for the antenna. Both Nokia and RIM said that is not quite true although Nokia admitted that by holding a phone a certain way, there could be reception issues.

 This still doesn’t excuse the shabby quality control of Apple. Why did they change the way [or location] of the antenna in the iPhone 4 when there was probably no issue with the iPhone before that? Did they bother testing to see if there could be an issue if you hold the phone a different way?

 The antenna issue may have been blown out of proportion but if Apple’s quality control wasn’t asleep at the wheel [or Mac Book?] there would be no issue. Telling people after holding their phone one way to hold it a different away so Apple doesn’t have to fix it is ridiculous.

 To start comparing other brands of smartphones with the iPhone sounds very cheap and weak of Jobs. He’s just trying to give excuses for the partial failure of the iPhone 4. I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and I haven’t had any connection issues.

By offering a free case or bumper [those who bought one will be given a refund, he said – including non-Apple products], he is basically admitting that there is an issue and Apple is selling a defective product to consumers without fixing the issue. This is almost like Toyota selling cars that are known to have pedal issues.

He should hold off on selling the iPhone 4 to other countries [that didn’t get the iPhone yet such as Canada]. The lawyers will have fun in multiple class action lawsuits. I suspect there are countries that have laws that won’t like a company in knowingly selling a defective product.

 One known issue with the iPhone [and not just 4] is that Apple gave exclusivity to AT&T in the US. Problem is that AT&T can’t handle the bandwidth in some areas. Look at the news conference when the iPhone 4 first came out. Jobs had to ask some people in the audience to shut their phones because he couldn’t connect to do his presentation.

 What hasn’t opened up yet into another possible controversy is the reported issue with Bluetooth devices. Some have complained that a Bluetooth device that worked fine with other phones have had issues connecting to the iPhone 4.

 [Interesting in that I had a Motorola RAZR phone which occasionally would lose its connection to my Motorola speakerphone. Yet my Blackberry Bold 9700 hasn’t had the issue.]


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