The aftermath of the G20 summit

Well, the Toronto G20 summit has finally finished off. All they need to do is to release the remainder of the 900+ people who were arrested, remove the barricades with the fences and clean up the city from the graffiti, broken glass and garbage.

The anarchists [those in the black outfits] were the major instigators for the mess. They had the ridiculous thought of disrupting the G20 summit but got nowhere near the fortress. One big failure. They were also cowards, removing their black outfits when the police were on their tails and then scattered like mice.

Unsure who was sleeping at the police control switch on Saturday when the anarchist set fire to various vehicles.

In the end, was the $1.3 billion+ price tag worth it? On top of it, store owners and companies will want to get compensation for vandalism, graffiti, and work outages. The city of Toronto will have to pay for replacements from damaged and torched vehicles, broken signs, etc.

Did the dignitaries even use the fake lake?

Someone suggested the anarchists should pay for the vandalism. Ya right. Send it to their mailing address. I think most of them can barely pay for their shoes [probably stolen anyways].


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