Time ticking for Windows XP SP2 but also some IE6 users

In a month’s timeframe [if you are reading this right after I posted it!] Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP with service pack 2.

A month away and 6 years since its release, you already have people grumbling. I read a comment site that one user will switch over to Linux if he [she?] can’t update. Uh huh.

I can’t see why patching for IE can’t continue. Microsoft Update [not Windows update] checks for all supported software. So while XP SP2 ain’t supported, IE6 should. Unsure if it will be possible but installing the latest security update for IE6 with XP SP3 should be the same as IE6 with XP SP2 – unless there are specific changes in SP2.

On the other hand, those with IE6 and who still use it are asking for trouble. Even Microsoft has recommended [OK, maybe not officially] that IE6 users should go to IE7 or IE8.

But of course you have a highly publicized company like Intel who still have IE6 and/or XP SP2.

Few novices will bother going from IE6 to something more recent or another browser. Most novices will not even notice – until months later that they received no updates. Some will never notice.

What Microsoft should have done in the last update [maybe] is redirect the user’s homepage every few times to a Microsoft page informing them on the changes and give them the option.

There aren’t many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to install SP3 except if:

1)    They are paranoid

2)    They have an illegal copy of Windows XP

3)    If it ain’t broken, why fix it – of course then why do they care about patches altogether

I have notified all friends, family and clients of the change.


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