Google dumps Windows. The real reasons?

A recent report had Google announcing that they will begin moving their employees off Windows – starting with new hires – because they have deemed Windows to be too unsecure. They will have a choice between Mac OS X and Google’s own Chrome OS.

This comes just a few months after Google was caught with their pants down after a malware attack by its own employees using Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP systems.

So this brings up a few thoughts [and you may have some]:

* Google’s Chrome OS hasn’t been released yet [to the public] with a debut expected this fall. So employees will suffer through bugs and problems with the OS.

* Most non-technical users don’t like change. They disliked Vista [and Windows 7] partially for this reason. The interface was too different.

* Getting employees to use a different OS will require additional training.

* Why would Google let them choose between Chrome OS and Apple OS X? The latter will require thousands of dollars in hardware and software costs while the former can use the same hardware as Windows.

* Google initially said that they intended to use Chrome OS to complete against Windows in the netbook market. But I guess since the iPad is chewing a bit into netbook sales, they have had a change of heart.

* It seems obvious that Google used this as an excuse to switch users to the Chrome OS after getting red faced because they were using Windows XP with a not as secure Internet Explorer 6 instead of Internet Explorer 8.

* Why was Google using Internet Explorer anyways?


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