Google and it’s Privacy Issues

Recently, Google has caught again with more privacy issues regarding the collection of WiFi data as the vans with the cameras videotaped [or whatever] streets around the world. Now multiple countries are asking Google to wipe the data while others have started investigations. Britain, as an example, asked Google to wipe the WiFi data. So they get off scott free? If you jay-walk in front of a cop, will he say don’t do that again?

Funny how no one has asked WHY were they capturing WiFi data? What does it got to do with taking video of the street.

They got in how water initially when their view went a bit too far. Could they legally take a video of someone’s house? Could it zoom into someone’s backyard? Inside the house? Could a wife find out the husband is having an affair after finding a car parked in front of their house belongs to the mistress?

I think as Google has grown, they don’t seem to give a damn about privacy issues. Government has been slow to react.

Not completely related but their recent outages for their Docs doesn’t help either. The cloud services rely on both a healthy Internet access and for the service to be up and running but if there are outages…. I think I’ll stick with my Microsoft Office for now.


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