Adobe vs. Apple

Seems the war between Adobe and Apple continutes to simmer. While they need each other [Adobe sells it’s graphics products for Macs and Apple has few other well known commercial products (other than their own) made for the Mac] they are still fighting each other. This is also similar as Apple needing Microsoft Office for the Mac.

Apple doesn’t want Flash and any unapproved application on their systems [both Macs, iPhones and iPads] for fear that people will blame them instead of the software developer for problems. People (mostly novices and amateurs who think they are professionals) blame Microsoft for Windows’ slowness, malware and other problems, but is Microsoft to blame for sloppy programming of third party software [see the blog below] and drivers?

Adobe says Apple is killing the future of the Internet and causing the end users to be fustrated.

While Microsoft prefers that you install Windows cerified drivers [WHQL], you can install non-certified drivers – but it will warn you. Microsoft doesn’t deny any legitimate application from being used – even those competing against their own products. Apple, on the other hand, has blocked several applications from being available on their App Store, there bye denying someone from installing it on an iPhone [since you can only install App Store applications].

Interesting as the iPhone SDK says you can’t use a cross-compiler. So no Flash Player for the iPhone. No Firefox for the iPhone either. Maybe Microsoft will shock everyone with Internet Explorer for iPhone! It’s to Apple’s advantage to block Firefox and Chrome browsers off the iPhone and iPad so that they can be exclusive.

Speaking of Microsoft Office for the Mac, I read that one guy prefers to do his Office work [Word, Excel, …] in a virtual machine instead of Office for the Mac 2008 because he likes the feel.


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