Are these people really IT professionals?

Recently a blogger/columnist for a computer magazine [that also has an online version] decided that it was time to switch from Windows to a Mac.


He was tired of his system getting infected with malware. Hmmm. This is what I can assume is an IT professional – after all he is writing for a computer magazine – not Playboy. He complains about malware. Granted, Macs do not have the amount of malware that Windows does, but if the table was reversed and Macs had 80+% of the market [but because of Steve Job’s incompetence, they don’t and that’s another story], you think he would said the same thing. It’s obvious that malware crackpots go after the majority – not some OS that can barely crack 10% of the OS market.

In his column [and blog], he made the switch. Now, I do not know the last time when I got any malware on my system. It must be already a couple of years. Any IT professional can easily clean that up. There are plenty of tools out there. While at it, if he is a IT professional, exactly how did it get onto his computer? It didn’t grew. It didn’t just magically appear. The only way this crap gets on a system is if you are deceived [or if an IT professional, stupid enough to do so]. He had to click on something on a web site or open an Email that he shouldn’t of. He didn’t blame anyone in the blog [like “Oh my daughter clicked on something she shouldn’t of”].

He made other comments as well that were odd.

One comment is that he doesn’t have to worry about having an anti-virus program. Even any Mac professional will tell you that that isn’t right. Actually, the way things are [at least on a Windows system], anti-virus alone isn’t enough. You need anti-malware software as most stand-alone anti-virus software [primarily the free editions like Avast, AVG and others] do not detect malware or can but don’t do anything because [after all] it’s a free product and they want you to buy their full blown anti-virus [but even one vendor with a free edition couldn’t stop malware on systems with their non-free product, but I digress].

He complained that his Windows applications don’t work or install. That’s news to me – unless maybe he’s using open source software or a lot of programs written by someone who’s programming as a side job.

He commented that enterprise products for the Macs are improving. There definitely are products but not like the choices that are available for Windows.

He commented that he didn’t have to wait for a virus signature update. Huh? I think just about every anti-virus product will contact it’s server just after booting up.


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