Babysitter gets sued

What is this world coming to.

A 14 year-old babysitter in northern Alberta is getting sued. She was 12 at the time when she babysitted two boys. Seems one of the boys, 5 years old then, was playing with a lighter and it started a fire.

Now 2 years later, the parents of the boys are suing and the insurance company is pushing it.

Why is she getting sued? The insurance company says the babysitter wasn’t trained well enough.

The babysitter did actually take babysitting courses [they exist?]. There is [obviously] no certification or anything for babysitting.

Questions come to mind:

* Why wait 2 years?
* If the babysitter loses, do you think other babysitters will even bother babysitting knowing that they could be taken to court for possibly even simple things as a child falls, gets a cut, gets bitten by a fly?
* Before a babysitter agrees to babysitting, will there be a contact signed by all parties with lawyers present on both sides?
* Could the babysitter countersue saying what was a lighter doing left out in the open [assuming it wasn’t the babysitter’s lighter] – negligence on the parents?
* Maybe take the boys’ school to court for not teaching them about these things – or is it the job of the parents?
* Does this remind you of something that would normally happen in California?


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