False advertising or am I blowing it out of proportions

It’s too bad governments haven’t cracked down on false advertizing.

Take for example the fast food industry. Every see their commercials? You have them all [but particularly the sandwich places like Subways and Quiznos] showing these full loaded and stuffed sandwiches. But when you get it, it won’t be anything close to what’s in the commercials.

A particular aim at Subways with their “Eat Fresh” advertizing? Fresh? What’s fresh except the bread? The other ingredients aren’t. The cheese and the meats are pre-cut. The lettuce is probably pre-cut and come shipped in a bag. The closest you can get to “fresh” would be the Montreal chain Dagwood’s. At least the bread is made on the premises and the meats and cheese are cut on the spot [but their sandwiches also seem to be on the light side].

There is also the pizza chains. Don’t you love those commercials? Plenty of pepperoni. Nice and cheesy. Loaded with toppings. Then you get it and ask “Where’s the toppings?” Of course, that age old question – Why do they call it all dressed when it consists of just some pepperoni, mushrooms and green pepper [aside from the cheese].

Then we have Wal-Mart and their “Roll Back Prices”. Roll back? Please. They’ll drop the price on a bunch of items for a few weeks and then jack up the prices and then later roll back the prices again – starting a vicious circle over and over again. Jeez. They were selling a 2L bottle of Coke for $2.17 [who sells it at that price?] before rolling back the price.

Although not in the same league [since you are watching and not buying], but how often do you see something advertized and it’s nothing like what they advertized. Take for example the CBS show NCIS : Los Angeles. Earlier this season they advertized that one of the regular cast members won’t survive the episode. In the end, the character survived – faked her death as part of a sting.


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