A few passing snippets

Hmmmm. A recent article stated that a bit under 12,000 people died worldwide in the H1N1 pandemic. What I’ve found a bit off is that according to the same article around 500,000 die every year from the regular flu – with about 90% coming from senior citizens. Can it really be called a pandemic?

Provincially, the latest budget has many Quebec citizens in an uproar. Seems that the ruling Liberals want to reduce the deficit a bit too fast. Among other things, an increase in sales tax twice – hitting to 9.5% provincially be 2012, increase in tuition fees for university student – still the cheapest in North America, and various “user fees” including a proposed $25 every time someone visits the doctor (unsure if they defined which type of doctors). I guess Premier Charest figures he won’t be elected whenever the next election is called (somewhere around 2013).

Watching a report on CNN about the militia there. The guy isn’t thrilled about the Us government, doesn’t like the health reform bill, doesn’t trust President Obama and dislike gun control. Guess what? He works as a postal employee for the US government.


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