Here we go (again?)

It’s crunch time for President Obama. His Presidency may be defined by what happens this weekend.

In case you missed it, Obama is trying to push through his health care bill. Some have already reported that he’s changing things as he goes along. He campaigned that it wouldn’t be a simple majority [50 percent plus 1] but a larger majorty [two-thirds?]. Now even with a few Democrats against the bill, he’s changed it to a simple majority.

On the other hand you have the Republicans who haven’t given a damn about the 30 million or so in the US [and growing] who don’t have insurance or lost it. It’s gone through “Dubyas” two terms and nothing was done. They are now 14 months into Obamas turn and they are still putting up walls.

You are talking about people who claim that insurance will go up and more people who have insurance through their employers will lose it. I wonder – if any – what kind of proof they have of this. The government has already said that somewhere under a trillion dollars over 10 years will pay for it. Aside from a tax hike, I can’t see things going up [other than the usual cost of living].

Both Republicans and borderline Democrats have tacked on so many amendments including paying for abortions and health care for illegal immigrants.

Just past this thing and then adjust it later if needed.


Well, the bill squeeked by Sunday night [poor politicians had to work instead of watching HBO’s The Pacific, but I digress], but not with a lot of rhetoric from both sides. I mean racial slurs, spitting, not to nice comments, the end of the world or the break up of the US comments, etc. Talking about overdoing it.

Are these people or little kids?

Every single Republican voted against the bill even though some have said not all of the bill was bad. On the other hand 30+ Democrats voted against the bill. I’m wondering if someone in the Democratic party calculated how many Democrats can vote against the bill. I suspect if some of them were allowed to vote against, it’s because during the last election they held a thin majority and are in jeopardy of losing their seats.

Some say Obama gained a bit of credibility and the Republicans took the heat.

Obama signs the executive order on Tuesday [November 23rd].


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