Windows 7 Ballot Box and the Good Old CharMap

Note: This blog weas originally posted on my web site on August 6, 2009. Since it is a bit of old news, I’ve decided to disable comments.

Here is are a couple things:

Microsoft initially said that Windows 7 [when released on October 22nd] in Europe would be available without any web browser. With what seems to be the European Commission’s blessing [to stop any anti-trust issues and because of complaining from manufacturers], Windows 7 in Europe will have a ballot box.

Personally, I think this ballot option will primarily be useful for computer novices who aren’t that good when it comes to computer software. Even then, I think it would confuse them. Unlike the babies/buffoons who form the European Commission, I think I can decided on my own which browser I want to use. It’s a real joke this ballot box.

I’m waiting for the day when those EC buffoons decided to do the same thing for other components in Windows. Another ballot box to choose either Notepad, EditPad and others? Maybe choose between Windows Media Player, QuickTime, WinAmp and Real Player. A ballot box for a defragmenter? Calculator? Paint? When does it stop?

I remember when this ballot option first came up, most of the competing browser developers were against of this ballot stuff. Questions come in which browsers are on the ballot. We can assume Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera but what about those lesser known browsers. They can complain that they were excluded [and for all we know file an injunction to halt Windows’ sales until they are included]. You also have browsers that are constantly getting updated. If Firefox is included today with version 3.5.1, by the time October 22ns comes around, Firefox is probably at 3.5.6. Sure it’s minor but last I checked some of the browsers aren’t small.

In my second though, although a bit on the light-hearted side, anyone uses the Character Map (CharMap for short) utility in Windows? Noticed where it is placed? Before I continue, CharMap is a simple utility that displays the character set for every font. So if you are looking for a ¼ or © or a nice bullet, it can show you where to find them. So it’s basically a utility to be used with Microsoft Word, CorelDraw and other applications that use characters in fonts.

So going back to my original question. Noticed where it is placed? In the Start Menu, go to Accessories and then… You guessed it…. System Tools. Huh? System Tools has [depending on the Windows version] the task scheduler, defragmenter, system information and other real system tools. CharMap doesn’t belong there.

In Windows 7 it hasn’t moved.


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