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Ok. Is it just me or people aren’t getting the facts?

Take the speech today given by US President Barack Obama. For the last few weeks, Canadians have heard how parents and schools scattered across the US would not allow their kids to watch their President’s speech. Some kids were kept away by parents. Others were done by school, by district or by teacher. Some allowed only certain grades (a PG-13 speech? 🙂 ).

A Republican governor said it would disrupt classes. Hmmm. School has just started. I doubt if there are exams already. One Republican accused Obama last week of trying to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.” I guess you know what side he’s on in the health debate.

The majority of areas where kids could not see the speech was by Republican and/or conservative “ruled” areas.

You can read the text of the speech here.

Parents and others were afraid that President Obama would get off topic and talk about his agenda (i.e. health, politics). As you can see by his text of the speech, none of that was here.

What is the point of blocking a child from seeing the speech? It’s readily available on the Internet. You can’t stop a child from seeking out what Obama said.

It’s not the first time a US president had a speech in front of students. Ronald Reagan did it in November 1988 where he talked about politics and taxes. I don’t think twelve year old kids needed to know those things. George H. W. Bush did it as well in the fall of 1991.

People believed that President Obama’s speech would be like brainwashing. This makes those people who blocked the speech look like real fools.


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