Useful Windows 7 Feature for The Elite

Note: This blog weas originally posted on my web site on October 12, 2009. Since it is a bit of old news, I’ve decided to disable comments.

Microsoft did it again.

A useful feature for all Windows user is now available only in the business and premium lines in Windows 7.

If you recall, when the semi-dreaded Windows Vista came out a few years back, one of the nice features was that laptops [and even desktop users if you really wanted] could use was the BitLocker feature which basically encrypted a portion of the hard disk. So if the laptop was lost or stolen, someone couldn’t access any critical or private information unless they knew your password to get into the laptop. This of course assumed that you were not dumb enough to have no password or login prompt. Problem with this was that BitLocker wasn’t available on the “Home” line of Vista.

I don’t know about you but this feature should of been available to all Windows Vista users. After all, you bought a Windows Vista Home Premium laptop. It’s your only computer. You could use it if you are a lawyer [legal documents], self-employed accountant [financial records], or even a student. Even then, it’s usually only the Home line that you can find in the stores. You need to go online if you want the business line.

Fast forward to today. Windows 7 is out [OK, as of this blog date, in 10 days but some people do have it already]. Microsoft has now updated BitLocker to encrypt all of the hard disk – if you want. Still it’s not available to the “Home” line.

On top of that another useful feature for laptop users is also not available for “Home” users. It’s the new feature where when you connect to a network, it will remember your default printer that you chose while connected to that network. It’s called network awareness printing. Let’s say you have an Epson inkjet printer at home. But you also can print to an Hewlett-Packard laser printer at school. When you are home, your Epson printer is your default printer. As soon as you connect to the school network, it flips over to the Hewlett-Packard as the default printer. As soon as you are home, it flips back.

Wouldn’t this be a nice feature to have? Yup but not for “Home” users.

Also not available for “Home” users is the file and folder permissions. This has been an issue since Windows XP, but there are ways to bypass file and folder permissions on an standalone system.


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