People Can’t Wait

Note: This blog weas originally posted on my web site on December 6, 2009. Since it is a bit of old news, I’ve decided to disable comments.

Oh why do people can’t wait to get the latest and greatest. A web page that discusses Windows 7 compatibility with various Adobe products has a bunch of complaints. Windows 7 is barely 7 weeks old and people are complaining left and right that their applications do not work. They may know how to use whatever products they are proficient in but they aren’t too smart. They are complaining that this doesn’t work and that won’t even start. Wouldn’t it be logical that if the application isn’t listed in the compatibility listing then it’s not [fully] compatible with Windows 7? It’s logical that Acrobat prior to version 9 may caught because of the PDF drivers but everything else works. Normal since it’s drivers that generally need updating when you go to a new OS. Add to the can of worms is the 64-bit platform. I think most of the complainers were on the 32-bit platform.

So before you dive into Windows 7, you may want to do some detective work to see if what you have right now [in hardware and software] works with Windows 7. Oh just because it works with the 32-bit platform, doesn’t mean it works with the 64-bit platform. For a Microsoft compiled compatibility site, see Of course check the vendors’ home pages as well.


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