Olympic Criticisms

In my first real blog in WordPress, you really do have to wonder about the press, politicians and people. Earlier on in the Olympics this past February 2010 in Vancouver, you had the media going wacko because the medals weren’t coming in fast enough. So they started guessing that maybe Canada won’t do well. By the second week, around the time the ladies hockey team won gold, all of sudden everyone got so happy that the medals were rolling in.

Our federal politicians must have seen the media’s rants and started to grumble that maybe they won’t continue to fund Own the Podium as much as it wasn’t worth it. By the time the Olympics were over, that wasn’t the case. They found some more money to poor into.

I guess what both the media and politicians forgot is that there are less medals given out early on because most events are still having various pre-final events. Take hockey or curling. Each has round-robin games, quarter finals, semi finals and then the finals. All of this in 17 days. And since the men’s hockey started late, they have even less time.

After the Olympics, I was reading the letters to the editor in The Montreal Gazette. You would be surprised about some of the negative comments about the opening and closing ceremonies and the games in general. How embarrassed about the caldron not working correctly at the opening ceremonies, the lack of French [the quotes read by Donald Sutherland were by Anglophones], etc.

You even had one letter saying that the closing ceremonies were ridiculous with all those references to Canadian items that are known around the world like the beaver and that something new should have been shown. I guess that’s like saying the US should skip it’s history, tossing out any reference to the Civil War, Slavery, etc.

Like every Olympic host before Canada, the opening and closing ceremonies are to not only promote the Olympics but also show the world a bit about what the host country is about.

PS – To the British media who were complaining. We see why, after all, just a single medal. After all, Latvia even had more medals than the UK. [Sorry Latvia…]


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