Taxi Drivers Who Shouldn’t Be Driving

Note: This blog weas originally posted on my web site on May 11, 2008. Since it is a bit of old news, I’ve decided to disable comments.

As I mentioned previously, my rants and raves will not always cover the computer industry. In this rant, I’ll discuss one topic that is common to most who drive…. Taxi drivers.
Let me start by saying I have nothing against the majority of taxi drivers. I will assume that the majority of them are male. So I’ll use the masculine wording.
That said, I generally don’t like them. Here’s why:
They pollute the air more than just about any vehicle on the road per person (excluding trucks but I think we need trucks). When a taxi is not in use, a good amount of the time, the car is running with the driver inside. They should follow the law like others [certain municipalities have laws against idling for more than a few minutes].
The driver driver doesn’t car about the rules of the road. Rarely do they use signals except when they really have to. They run through orange lights turning red. Just this winter, on the way home, in a snow storm, a taxi tried to turn a corner at a high speed [probably even higher if the road was dry] and took a nice skid during the turn
A while back, a taxi missed where he was suppose to pick up someone on a busy road. What did he do? Go around the block like any normal driver? No. He went in reverse, stopping traffic.
I’ve seen cases where a taxi driver will see someone on the other side of the street looking for a taxi, and like a vulture, the taxi drive will do just about anything to pick up that person – whether an illegal u-turn, cutting other drivers off, etc.
Then you will find taxi drivers who are picking up someone – in busy traffic – to block a lane [half of the time with no flashing and no hazard lights], instead of actually moving up 30 feet where there is an empty parking space [or some type of driveway].
A final case had a taxi driver “inventing” a third lane in a two lane road [the two lanes were actually wide lanes because it’s on a curve and trucks frequent that area]. All this so the guy can take someone to the airport maybe 15 seconds earlier [there was no traffic and the light was green]. You would figure that, as a vulture, he’d take the extra 15 seconds. After all, it benefits him!
That said, in my opinion, professional drivers [those who drive a vehicle for a living, whether delivery drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers] should be in a different class when it comes to “moving violations”. They are already using a different driver’s class on their driver’s license. So what’s the difference? They are professional drivers. They should know better. If they say why they should be penalized. Put it to you this way, if they drive within the bounds of the law they shouldn’t have a problem with paying a premium for speeding or going through a red light. Note that I mentioned moving violations and not violations such as parking [although parking in a handicap spot or where a fire hydrant would be an exception.]

No one should care if the government increase speeding fines and demerit points unless you exceed the maximum speed. Right?


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