A Bit More On Taxi Drivers

Note: This blog weas originally posted on my web site on June 26, 2009. Since it is a bit of old news, I’ve decided to disable comments.

In a minor update to one of my earlier blogs, I was commenting about taxi drivers. A reminder that I have nothing against the majority of them.

That said, the CTV news network ran a story about thefts that were occurring in Vancouver and taxi drivers were involved. In one case, two people placed some items in the trunk of a taxi. When they got to their destination, they paid the taxi driver and got out of the taxi, expecting the taxi driver to pop the trunk open. Instead the taxi driver drove off. Granted it could of been a mistake with the taxi driver thinking they didn’t put anything in the trunk.  The two people said they contacted the taxi company. The owner of the taxi company said that there was no complaint. Their items are long gone.

The CTV network even did a test. Sure enough – the undercover reporter also was a victim of theft. The news story ended with 3 taxi drivers are under suspicion.


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